December 4, 2023

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Long-Term Visit Pass

For visitors of Singapore, who Need help or assistance with applying for a long term visit pass? Click here. Economic growth and Singapore are synonymous. It is one of the most developing economies in the world. Helpful government, Excellent infrastructure with a great business environment makes Singapore the best country for businesses. Foreigners are migrating to Singapore for tremendous employment opportunities.

However, there are limitations as regards the family member Employment Pass or S Pass holders to bring with them or the period of the stay. There are different passes provided to family members of these work pass holders. Dependant’s Pass is pretty famous, there is another choice for Long Term Visit Pass.

Understanding Long-Term Visit Pass.

The Long-Term Visit Pass is for a handicapped child, common-law partner/spouse, or stepchild of an Employment or S pass holder. One can also apply for this type of pass in respect of their parents in case of the monthly earnings are more than the prescribed limit.

Another type of pass is known as the Singapore Long-Term Visit Pass-Plus(LTVP+). This pass is designed for the Permanent Residents (SPR) of Singapore or the Foreign Partners/SpouSpousesSingapore Citizens (SC). In case foreign spouses/partners of Singaporean citizens applied for LTVP, it will by default be considered for the LTVP+ if eligible for it.

Need help or assistance with applying for a long term visit pass? Click here.

This pass provides Singaporean citizens’ foreign spouses/partners an authenticated stay allowing their partner to stay for a longer period. After getting approval, they can live in Singapore for around three years and after renewal, they can stay for a period of five years. The best thing for LTVP+ holders is that they are offered employment and healthcare benefit also.

Process for Applying an LTVP

The method of applying is different for every kind of pass, one can not assume that applying for one pass is similar to others. One must submit original copies of the documents in English while applying. In case documents are not in English, one may request a professional translator to do it. Then, one may have to submit the application and wait for the in-principle approval letter. After getting anyone in Singapore, they are required to apply for passes for their family members.

Eligibility Criteria

Both types of pass holders i.e S Pass and Employment Pass holders are eligible to apply for the LTPV in respect of their family members. In simpler words, the holders are responsible for the family members that apply for the pass and they also have to bear the sponsorship. As per guidelines from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), not all family members are eligible to apply for the pass and only a few family members are eligible for the sponsorship.