September 26, 2023

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In the past, we saw that any problem that happened to our teeth in most cases led to the extraction of a broken tooth, which is happening less and less today. The reason for this is the great advancement of technologies used in dentistry. Today, dentists and specialists try as much as possible to prevent tooth extraction, but it still happens. But what is the solution? Is there a substitute for teeth? One of the popular methods that is often used in these cases is an implant. A method that dentists have used for a long time, and its health and safety are guaranteed. But this treatment solution exists in different types, each with a different application and advantages and disadvantages. Things that may be harmful to some people and beneficial to another group. In implants, two methods are used more than other types, and due to their close application, they are always in competition with each other. As a dentist applying advanced dental implants in Toronto says, these two methods, known as zirconia and titanium implants, have many similarities and differences.

What Is a Titanium Implant?

The year 1960 can be seen as the beginning of the use of this treatment method; it was at the beginning of this year that titanium implants were used for the first time to implant various teeth. One of the best possibilities for making implants is titanium metal because it is significantly lighter than other metals and has very high strength.

The titanium implant is widely used due to its various advantages; one of the most important features of this implant is its lightness and high resistance to pressure and corrosion. Another remarkable thing is the adaptability of titanium; this element has such functional properties that it is even used in hip and knee joints.

What Is a Zirconia Implant?

What Is a Zirconia Implant?

The first year of using and entering the market of this implant, in general, can be considered 1980. Also, after some time, the FDA approved this treatment method, so its use by dentists increased significantly. Notably, this implant is completely non-metallic and is originally made of ceramic.

This implant has a high body acceptance rate, which allows it to adapt to your body rapidly and cause fewer issues, which is one of the key reasons for its widespread use. Also, when implanted in the bone, the body’s bone tissue does not reject it. Another reason why this implant is so popular is its non-metallic nature.

The Main Differences Between Titanium and Zirconia Implants

Many differences distinguish these two implants from each other; stay with us to mention them in the following article:


In this section, we see the excellent performance of both types of implants, but the zirconia implant does not perform well in terms of elasticity, and sometimes we see small fractures during its use.

Ease of use

Another important point regarding the installation of implants is this point. The zirconia implant has only one part, but the titanium implant, on the contrary, has two separate parts, making it more difficult to install.

Life span

Based on the results and reviews of reputable experts, titanium and zirconia implants establish an acceptable bond with the surrounding bones. For this reason, an approximate lifespan of 20 years has been estimated for both of them. Still, the remarkable thing about the lifespan of the zirconia implant is that due to the newness of this technology, its lifespan has yet to be determined and is still under the test of the implant specialist.


The last thing that can be mentioned is the cost of the implant; Zirconia is more expensive due to the material it is made of.