September 26, 2023

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Wheelchair Customization from Jockey Club Rehabilitation

Wheelchair Customization


Jockey Club Rehabilitation is a leading specialized rehabilitation equipment and services provider. In this case study, we explore a wheelchair customization project undertaken by Jockey Club Rehabilitation for a client with specific mobility needs.


John Smith approached Jockey Club Rehabilitation seeking a wheelchair solution that would provide him with enhanced mobility and address his specific comfort and pressure management needs. His primary challenges included:

  1. Independent Mobility: John desired a wheelchair that would allow him to move freely and independently in various environments, including indoor spaces, outdoor terrains, and inclined surfaces.
  2. Comfort: John experienced discomfort due to prolonged sitting and pressure on certain body areas. He required a seating system that would alleviate pressure and promote proper alignment.
  3. Pressure Management: John was at risk of developing pressure sores due to his limited mobility and the potential for prolonged sitting. It was crucial to address pressure redistribution to prevent skin breakdown and improve his overall well-being.

wheelchair customization


Jockey Club Rehabilitation collaborated closely with John, his healthcare team, and wheelchair specialists to create a customized solution to meet his unique requirements. The following modifications and adaptations were made to his wheelchair:

  1. Tilt-in-Space Mechanism: A tilt-in-space feature was incorporated into the wheelchair design. This mechanism allowed John to adjust the tilt angle of the seat, redistributing pressure and providing relief to different areas of his body. It also facilitated easier transfers and improved his stability on inclined surfaces.
  2. Pressure-Relieving Seating System: Jockey Club Rehabilitation recommended a pressure-relieving seating system comprising a combination of specialized cushions and supports. This system provided optimal pressure redistribution, reduced the risk of pressure sores, and enhanced John’s overall sitting comfort.
  3. All-Terrain Wheels: To meet John’s need for versatile mobility, the standard wheelchair wheels were replaced with all-terrain wheels. These durable and robust wheels allowed John to navigate various outdoor terrains, including gravel paths and uneven surfaces, with greater ease and stability.
  4. Customized Seat and Backrest: The seat and backrest were custom-made to fit John’s body shape and provide optimal support. The cushions were made of high-density foam and covered with breathable and moisture-resistant materials to promote airflow and reduce the risk of skin irritation.


The customization efforts by Jockey Club Rehabilitation had a significant positive impact on John’s mobility, comfort, and overall well-being. The tailored modifications provided the following outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Mobility: The all-terrain wheels enabled John to venture outdoors independently, participate in outdoor activities, and confidently navigate challenging terrains.
  2. Improved Comfort: The pressure-relieving seating system significantly reduced discomfort and pressure points, allowing John to sit longer without experiencing pain or fatigue.
  3. Pressure Management: The tilt-in-space mechanism and custom seat design effectively redistributed pressure, minimizing the risk of pressure sores and improving John’s skin health.


 Through close collaboration and wheelchair customization, Jockey Club Rehabilitation successfully addressed John Smith’s specific mobility, comfort, and pressure management needs. The tailored wheelchair modifications enhanced his independence and mobility and improved his overall well-being. This case study exemplifies the importance of personalized solutions and highlights the positive impact of specialized rehabilitation equipment on individuals with unique mobility requirements.