September 29, 2023

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Your pocket friendly guide to durians

guide to durians

Its durian weather once more and Malaysians will still be on the lookout for the monarch of fruit. It has even been reported this year that the crop is higher than usual, which explains how even though the summer only started a few weeks earlier, you could still notice a lot of durians.

Whereas many Malaysians enjoy durians, this fruit’s wide¬†musang king durian price range cannot be refuted. There are low-priced varieties as well as those that cost a few hundred worth rm per kilogram. So, here have been ten different durians for you to choose from, each with a various pricing tag. You can now simply determine which option best fits your wallet.

king of fruits

Various durians you can buy

  • This sort of durian comes in a wide range of types, and kampung durian refers to fresh fruits that are just not transgenic or mainly produced. Durians may be discovered in plantations all around Malaysia, and it’s often hard to determine what kind you’re buying until you touch it.
  • D24, who is as well-known as the Musang King, has a penchant for becoming a community. It’s also called Durian King, and it’s occasionally confused with Musang Monarch.
  • D24 has a brighter exterior than Musang King, which is one method to tell species differently. Musang king durian price is high but worth it,
  • Durian is believed to have an orange-yellow interior and a delicious flavor. And it has a circular shell, as opposed to asymmetrical surfaces.
  • The interior of this durian occasionally resembles red prawns, hence the moniker. Nevertheless, wide varieties aren’t as crimson as others. It’s sweet, and because it’s not overbearing, it’s suitable for first-time durian lovers. More significant, the cost is already on the low side.
  • The center of this vegetable is essentially light and whitish, despite its name. It contains fewer kernels and a thin shell and is also referred to as Jin Feng/ D198. The liver is believed to have an intense, almost liquor flavor.
  • As its name suggests, this fruit is supposed to be the monarch of the kings of fruits. If you’re looking for ‘quality’ durian, you’ll hear that the Musang King is the place to go. According to several durian fans, the flesh of the durian is delicious and luscious.
  • The Black Pearl is a more giant fruit than other dragon fruit, and its nickname is thought to come from its microscopic pearl-like particles. The interior is pale/whitish and bitter rather than pleasant.