December 4, 2023

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The easy contraceptive pill for the uneasy moments

The easy contraceptive pill for the uneasy moments

Unprotected sex can lead to many health risks. When you are not ready for pregnancy, there are many things to consider. Unwanted pregnancy can be prevented by MTP, oral contraceptive pills, the use of hormones, etc., to prevent pregnancy. Out of all these options, oral contraceptive pills are considered the most accessible and safest method, with a 91% success rate.

What are oral contraceptives?

Birth control pills are made of pregnancy, preventing hormones that do not allow the zygote to be implanted after fertilization, thus leading to abortion. Some even change the uterus lining by not allowing blood vessels to accumulate, and thus zygotes will not be received. emergency contraceptive pills singapore is the most reliable brand of emergency pills. The dosage of these pills is taken at an interval of 28 days. The hormones keep the progesterone at bay, thus preventing implantation.

Types of pills according to needs

emergency contraceptive pills singapore

We supply three types of pills depending on the day of unprotected intercourse.

Extended cycle- These pills are prescribed to avoid menstruation in the long term, they are taken for 12 weeks, and on the 13th week, menstruation is allowed to occur usually. As a result, it allows for menstruation of release of eggs only in the desired weeks, generally 3 4 times a year.

Multiphasic pills- These pills are only prescribed for preventing menstruation for one month. Therefore, their prescribed dosage is just one month, after which normal menstruation occurs. They release different types of hormones during the whole cycle to balance the level of progesterone.

Chemical-free formulation

Generally, the hormone used in oral contraceptives are derived chemically, but our pills are chemical-free as the hormones are processed in animals’ bodies and then extracted from them. As a result, there are minimum chances of side-effects such as headache, nausea, cramps, irritation, etc. are the common problems faced.

Trust is a synonym for us

We have served many customers in their emergency conditions and have provided quality service. Our birth control pills are laboratory tested and medically certified. Our team of online consultants is always there for you in case of need and suggestions. Feel free to reach out to us for medical suggestions and consultation with our experts. Book your slot online with our doctors for medical consultation and get treated by the best and most certified doctors.

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