March 24, 2023

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Security That Safe-Guards Not Just Buildings But People Too !!

door access control

Living in the 21st century, everyone desires privacy and security, and space needed in households.Thus, people built advanced technologies that control entry and exit in selected premises. These refer to nothing but door access control system.


Let us first understand what door access control systems are in a simpler way. 

In simpler words, door access control systemshelp keep track of the people coming in and exiting with additional features to ease the work of a human.

Door lock systems are inbuilt digital locks that use a keyless system to safeguard the entry-exit points of residences, offices, or other buildings. The software is built in such a way that it permits only the authorized individual to the premises using modernistic high-tech features and devices.

Mostly, doors require a person to enter the given PIN or a card validation system to acquire entry inside the building or room. But, the door access control systems in Singapore provide a biometric door lock system with digital signing for every entrance within the site.

Moreover, office sites have an extended feature of time attendance system to calculate the total work hours plus overtime by noting in and out time in its memory. Besides, pairing the restricted premises by using this advanced security system could help with the privacy and surveillance systems.

Features of Door access control systems

  • Centralised Management of the software providesan easy-to-use interface.
  • Provides the highest security
  • High performance with free maintenance.
  • Avoids the problems of losing a key and re-keying a key, etc.
  • Detailed logging by maintaining electronic logs making it easier to check such databases and information.
  • Can seamlessly integrate with the authority’s management system, providing efficiency and flexibility in the software.
  • User-level permission
  • Instant notification or updationin case of an issue or an emergency with the system or an unrecognized face and intruders.
  • Fast and Perfect authentication with a time limit of 1 sec.
  • Reduces administrative cost
  • Optional Features
  • Reduces chaos after shifts of people.

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