September 29, 2023

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Know about an e-voucher management system

e-voucher management

Voucher Management Systems are yet another type of electronic voucher distribution that includes gift card generation based on some rules. Event planning companies, reward card platforms, and other companies use voucher management systems. Voucher management helps in the distribution of coupons to end-users or merchants. Each gift card management software suite includes several features as well as voucher redemption rules that are set to expire automatically.

All phone companies, telecom distributor management, as well as terminal users have a use for voucher distribution. MoboGage’s software, which is used to the role of digital voucher distribution, is a safe and user-friendly program. E-voucher delivery software also recognized as EVD software is a type of electronic voucher management platform. For telecommunication companies, online gaming companies, mobile wallet platforms, restaurants as reward card management coupons, this software is used to create and disperse electronic vouchers. The e voucher management system will give you full control over your POS as well as mobile apps.

e voucher management system

Software for distributing e-vouchers

Telecom companies are encouraging businesses and distributors to sell coupons electronically through a mobile app. With a safe life cycle, designers make it simple to create, upload and distribute vouchers. The Voucher Distribution System Allows Telecom Companies And Resellers To Purchase Vouchers Through Mobile Applications Using Android As well as Linux.


Who Can Benefit From Using Voucher Management Software?

Customer loyalty and customer retailer are two main elements in increasing business today. The e-voucher management system gives businesses complete control over retaining customers by allowing them to offer specific coupons with each purchase. Companies have used voucher card numbers to detect frauds at canteens, petrol stations, and hotel costs, among other things. Voucher distribution is also used by companies for their distributor distribution network.


The Voucher Management System’s Features

An e-voucher management system with digital voucher distribution software from MoboGage. It allows sending vouchers, a Bluetooth printer, an email, or a customer’s mobile number. With fast sync technology, this discount coupon management system allows for offline discount distribution.

  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • Voucher Generation
  • Voucher Configuration
  • Voucher Groups
  • Security Configuration

The Digital Payment Necessities Can Be Satisfactory With A Online Wallet And With global top spot software that uses Ding as well as Transfer-To, users can make pass payments, manage QR code payments, and electronic voucher distribution. A platform that allows you to produce mobile money systems with e-wallets while providing flexibility, security, and expandability.