September 29, 2023

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Funeral Repatriation Services: In context to Singapore

Funeral Repatriation Services: In context to Singapore

Death is unavoidable. Losing loved ones can be an overwhelming and devastating experience. Sometimes death occurs overseas, adding more to the emotional pain and stress since the deceased’s loved ones are not physically present with them. If a loved one passes away overseas, play the song. The family must make travel arrangements and contact funeral repatriation service to bring them back to the country.

Repatriation services in Singapore-

In Singapore, few companies work with local authorities and funeral directors in the relevant countries worldwide to facilitate repatriation. Once the deceased returns to the country, the loved ones can resist arranging a proper funeral or a sea, land, or green burial. This way, they can perform the final rites and say goodbye.

funeral repatriation service

  • The TLC services.

During funeral repatriation, TLC helps a family bring all the dearly departed back home so they can prepare for the funeral. This is an essential service to ensure that those who have passed on can go back home and be around their loved ones who want to say their final goodbyes. Arrangements for the decease’sArrangements are also made for the deceased’s ashes to be sent back to their home country. TLC can also organize a memorial service for dearly departed returning to Singapore.

TLC is experienced in Funeral services in Singapore regardless of religion. From religious ceremonies to nonreligious or funeral celebrant-style services, one can trust the team to deliver an appropriate farewell for their dearly departed. TLC also helps to post an obituary in the newspaper, and the funeral directors would assist in liaising with the relevant publishers.

The price of Funeral services in Singapore can vary significantly on a case-by-case basis, depending on several factors such as how many days the wake lasts, the religious rites required, the casket ordered, and the nuanced needs of the dearly departed and the bereaved family.

When a dear one passes away overseas, there might be many paperwork and legalities to navigate across countries, such as liaising with authorities, registering and obtaining the death certificate, and other documents required for repatriation. There are also decisions to be made requiring a choice of caskets and permits as the regulations differ for different countries. This process can be mentally draining. In hard times, one can rely on the services that would help them through this stage.