December 4, 2023

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Everything You Must Know About Composting

Everything You Must Know About Composting

Composting is known to be one of the primary aspects of gardening. It promotes the improvement of soil texture and promotes the organic growth of plants. Are you not cognized of this concept yet? Do not worry; this article will help you know all about composting in singapore.

What is Composting? 

It is a process where organic materials such as plant material, food waste, etc are broken down by bacteria and fungus to form compost. Certain good items for composting are waste of fruits and vegetables, grass cuttings, leaves, non-plastic tea bags, etc. As composting is an important aspect, a person who aims to take up gardening as his hobby must know about its benefits.

Benefits of Composting 

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  • Saving of money

Composting is an organic and natural process; it does not need fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals. It makes composting a cost-efficient activity that can help a person save a lot in his pocket.

  • Beneficial for the soil

Composting can be helpful for maintaining the health of the soil. It can moreover also help in improving soil fertility and offering protection from several potential plant diseases.

  • Improvement of soil structure

Composting leads to the addition of helpful microorganisms to the soil, such as fungi and bacteria. These microorganisms help speed up the process of composting and improving soil texture to maintain a garden in the best possible way.

  • Ideal exercise

While composting an offer several benefits to the soil, it can also help a person stay healthy and fit. It is an ideal physical activity to keep him active and offers good exercise for the body and mind.

  • Environment-friendly

Most of the waste from houses is transported to garbage landfills where they release carbon dioxide and methane into the air upon rotting. Composting organic waste helps in reducing the overall impact of such gases on the environment.

  • Conservation of water

One of the most beneficial advantages of composting is that it permits the soil to retain a good amount of water. This helps in providing a steady source of required nutrients and moisture to the plants in a garden while reducing the constant need to water them now and then.

  • Cost-effectiveness

As per several surveys, every Indian home disposes of about 50kg of food every year. Composting can provide a person with a clear idea about the quantity of food thrown up and permit him to plan his grocery items purchases effectively.


Composting can be a fun activity when a person has someone to guide him in the process. As many people possess a garden in their homes, the benefits of composting can be enjoyed by them easily. Opt for composting in singapore today!