September 29, 2023

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Singapore: An Outlook to the Service

End of Tenancy Cleaning Singapore: An Outlook to the Service

Tenancy cleaning services come in packages that ideally address cleaning needs for the entire home, which could be hired by the tenant vacating or the homeowner looking to rent the property at the earliest. End of tenancy, moving in, and moving out cleaning packages are comprehensive and vary from one service provider to another. end of tenancy cleaning singapore services are the best known among other countries.

Why is Tenancy Cleaning required?

The purpose of an end-of-tenancy cleaning is too deep clean a rental property before the next tenant moves in. This is particularly important in the shadow of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and people’s enhanced concern for health. The depth of cleaning doesn’t just refer to how clean a place is, but also what is cleaned and is suitable for healthy living for the next guests.

end of tenancy cleaning singapore

What Tenancy Cleaning Services does Singapore offer?

The tenancy cleaning service in Singapore caters to tenants who are either moving into a new house or leaving one. This could be elaborated as –

  • House is moving out cleaning At the end of tenancy, Singapore’s services provide tenants with house moving out cleaning services. Tenants must clean and hand over the house to the landlord according to their tenancy agreement. While leaving the cleaning to the team, the tenants could focus on completing other formalities before leaving. The tenants could hand over the house on the cleaning day to make the process more seamless. After the cleaning, the tenants could invite the real estate agents to inspect the house on the house moving out cleaning day, about an hour before the team completes their job.
  • House Moving In Cleaning- The house moving-in cleaning services are required while preparing your house for new tenants to move in. The landlord could engage in these services as a part of the tenant rental requirements in Singapore. The pre-and post-tenancy cleaning phases might be a little overwhelming for tenants and landlords.

In both cases having a clean and tidy house is of utmost importance for a landlord. It can be challenging to do the cleaning on their own, and Muslim Lords, including teenagers, prefer a house dusted, swept, and mopped by a professional cleaning service provider. It doesn’t matter if it is in pre or post-tenancy stages; the cleaning services in Singapore would have their customers covered.

The tenancy cleaning rates in Singapore vary depending on the size of the house, the cleanliness level, and the number of tasks to perform. Their services include cleaning the living room, kitchen,  bathroom and toilet, bedroom, and cleaning of the other several minor house accessories.