September 29, 2023

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Blinds Singapore: The Best Option For Privacy And Sunlight Control

Blinds Singapore: The Best Option For Privacy And Sunlight Control

The earliest human beings are known to have lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. This involved living in caves in small groups of 2-3 people. The primary method to survive in these times was hunting. But hunting came with its consequences sometimes; animals in large groups would attack the shelter of humans to counter their hunts. This led them to realize that living together in large groups is necessary for survival. However, civilizations had their problems to deal with. One of the main problems for ancient desert civilizations was the hot and dry wind during the daytime. To overcome this situation, they developed a window covering made from strips of wet cloth. This formed the basis for modern blinds such as blinds Singapore.

Development Of Basic Blinds

The basic design for window blinds was developed long before the patent of the first window blind ever. According to historical shreds of evidence, ancient desert civilizations and ancient Egyptians created the basic designs of window covering similar to modern blinds in 1100 A.D. The basic strategy involved strips of fabric to cover the window. Over the coming years, adjustments were made to the plan, which involved using long slat-type materials instead of cloth. These individual parts were tied together to form a single window covering collectively. The same design with minor adjustments was patented officially as window blinds by the Englishman Edward Bevan in 1769. This implies the importance of the basic structure of blinds. Modern blind manufacturing companies such as blinds singapore thrive due to the high demand for blinds in the market.

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Modern Blinds

Modern blinds are just the modified and updated version of old-fashioned blinds. This is because window blinds’ basic design and mechanism have not evolved as much as it is assumed to be. A majority of the famous window blind designs originated in ancient Egypt and Rome. The modifications are made to the basic design to enhance the functionality of the blinds and make them better fit modern house windows or other openings.

Types Of Blinds

Depending upon the material used, amount of control, working mechanism, color, and style, window blinds are categorized in a wide range of arrays. The diversity in window blinds is necessary to ensure that every individual gets the perfect product that fits their needs. Some of the most common types of window blinds are:

  • Bamboo Blinds
  • Outdoor Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Outdoor Venetian Blinds