September 29, 2023

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Natural latex mattress: what is it?

Natural Latex Mattress

The natural latex mattress is also ergonomic but unlike memory foam, it uses latex as an elective material.

Natural latex derives from the processing of rubber and its biological composition preserves its benefits by letting the skin transpire and prevents any harmful effects caused by chemicals, as instead caused by synthetic latex, the latter coming from petroleum  natural latex mattress.

How to recognize a natural latex mattress

Synthetic latex is sometimes sold to the public as natural latex, so the buyer must be very careful before finalizing a purchase. What are the precautions to be taken?

Looking at the inside of the mattress is the first thing to do, in fact the words 100% latex or latex or naturlex or vegetable origin must be engraved. According to national laws, a latex mattress deserves this term only when it has at least 85% of natural material, with a small addition of mixed latex, to face the availability problems that have characterized this product for years.

The skeleton of the mattress is made of a latex plate, this is very important for inspection purposes because some manufacturers can stuff the mattress with other materials and lose the benefits of the latex, so avoid buying non-inspectable products.

Natural Latex Mattress

Why buy a natural latex mattress?

Natural latex mattresses are ergonomic, elastic and useful in case of allergies.

However, it needs periodic maintenance and that is why the manufacturers recommend removing it completely and giving it air.

In the structure of the latex mattress, large and small holes will be visible, they are pre-established and produced during the production phase to give more or less support according to the part of the body that will rest on it. The very small ones correspond, for example, to the area of ​​the pelvis that needs more compactness while the large ones will go in correspondence with the feet.

There are 3,5,7 and 9 zone mattresses on the market, depending on the choice of the type of mattress there will be a different rate.

The choice between  memory foam or natural latex is the eternal dilemma of those looking for the perfect mattress. Both are two excellent products, whose peculiarities are similar but have substantial differences that must be taken into account.

Material : the first is the aforementioned material, natural memory foam does not exist and those interested in a plant product will have to turn to natural latex.