September 26, 2023

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Get ready with the best jewellery for your D-day

best jewellery for your D-day

Weddings bring the colour of life. Weddings are all about love, colours and lots of happiness. It brings human beings collectively for eternity. It is the occasion of lots of colours and blings. For both the bride and groom and their families it is the most auspicious day because it’s the day when they both join each other for the rest of their life. For every woman, a wedding is the most important day, and every woman wants to look best in their own way. Bridal gowns and jewelleries are the most important object of looking best on their very special day.

Now every person’s choice is different, many women want to wear heavy jewellery where others want to wear light jewellery on their wedding day. Traditionally wedding ceremony jewellery manors gold wedding ceremony bands one for the bride and different for the groom. But now the idea has changed.  These days every couple is getting daring and experimenting with their wedding essentials. They are adding a lot of extras with their costumes and wedding rings.

Wedding rings

Nowadays there are many new trends going on. People are now going for vintage rings, which goes best with the vintage wedding gowns. A vintage wedding titanium  ring consists of European round centre cut or micro set diamonds or Escher cut stones with a minimal scroll like engraving. Another trend is getting coloured stone for the wedding ring. One can go for yellow or pink diamonds or pink and blue sapphire. You can also choose your birth stone as an alternative to the diamond, or one can also go for white diamond on the gold band. The other fashion statements of this season are stacked rings. These are the eternity style rings with stones all the way. Few people also prefer just a simple metal band too.

Tips on bridal jewellery

Tips on bridal jewellery

Every bride chooses to accessorise their wedding gowns with the perfect wedding jewellery. Here are a few tips to make sure that you get the right balance between your wedding gown and your jewellery:

  • The first and foremost thing to remember is that, don’t overdo it. Unless you have a very simple wedding dress, a tiara, earrings, a necklace and a bracelet sometimes look too much. You can choose just two pieces of jewellery or only one if your dress is very gorgeous and heavy and includes accessories of its own.
  • Try to match your jewellery with the details of your dress. If your dress is heavy and has beading in crystal, pearl, or glass, you should look for similar materials for your bridal jewellery which can create an overall seamless effect.
  • Necklaces are for complementing the neckline of your dress. A large necklace will complete a strapless dress and prevent the bride looking too naked, but the same thing will look too much for a dress which has a high neckline or detailed straps.
  • Remember, the wedding dress will always be the star of the show, and the bridal jewellery for women acts in a supporting role. If you are going for a vintage dress, antique style jewellery will be the perfect companion.