September 29, 2023

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Best ice-cream combinations which anyone can try

 Ice cream is something which is loved all over the world. It is not only popular among the children but all the age group people enjoy eating ice cream. It has become one of the main desserts in almost all the homes and parties. It is a good idea to use plastic ice cream cups for the parties so that you can throw them once used. As we are taking about the ice cream let us check few best combinations of different flavor so that you can experience some new taste.

  • Butter popcorn: It is the best combination for all the people who love butter and popcorn. You just need to take required amount of ice cream and then add some butter into it and mix it thoroughly. Once mixing is done take some popcorn and add them as toppings and enjoy the new taste. You can actually try different flavors of popcorns and also change the butter for some chocolate chips and toffee sauce.
  • Chocolate and coconut: This combination reminds me about the bounty chocolate, do you also want to try bounty chocolate flavor in the form of ice cream. Then just follow these steps, take the coconut milk, powdered sugar, chocolate chips and desiccated coconut and mix them well and put in the freezer. That’s it your new bounty flavored ice cream is ready. You can also try by mixing the chocolate and coconut in the vanilla flavored ice cream.

  • Salted nutella: The salted sweet flavors are latest trend going on in the world. Try using salted nutella with you favorite flavored ice cream. For sure you will love it as already the sea salt sprinkling is very famous with the ice creams.
  • Chocolate and vanilla: This is the combination which is being going on from the time the ice cream has taken birth. You can be in any mood you will love this combination of ice cream and you can enhance the taste by adding little chocolate sauce on top.
  • Coffee and Oreo: These two things are always there in list of each individual. Usually coffee flavored ice cream is so refreshing but sometime the bitterness of coffee may not be liked by all, in such cases add some chunks of Oreo cookies which will not only add the flavor but it will also enhance the sweetening part. You can also add the Oreo ice cream instead of the cookies.
  • Peanut butter and jelly: You might have eaten both these items for sure but this time adds jam and peanut butter into vanilla ice cream. The taste will take you to another world of ice cream.


Hope you will try all the above mentioned combination and make your summer more special.