September 29, 2023

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Why Ie3 motor is a best option for industries?

ie3 motor singapore

At present, the electricity used in industries around 70% is consumed by electric motors. In fact, you can buy ie3 motor Singapore to get awesome performance. This motor can be specifically used for enhancing efficiency, reduce energy cost and also less impact on the environment. There are so many possible ways to enhance the motor efficiency, but you can always make sure that do not run continuously or oversize, when not needed. If you are looking to minimize the cost of energy along with higher control and maintenance downtime, then this ie3 motor is something to consider severely.

The ie3 premium motors are more energy efficient than ie2 motors. These ie3 motors have greater inrush and beginning currents, but in complete run, it will have a lesser current consumption than the ie2 motors. This ie3 motor has specially made after some extent on the physical motors in a laboratory. Even some of the manufacturers are providing this super premium efficiency motor on the market, which is similar to the performance achieved by previous version of ie2 motors. Based on the motor manufacturer, it is possible to buy an ie3 motor.

ie3 motor singapore

Excellent features of premium efficiency ie3 motors

Actually, the use of ie3 motors are highly suitable for nonstop process industries, where the higher energy saving is important. The main benefits of using this motor in special applications are textiles, compressors, cement, blowers, fans and pumps, etc. However, the premium efficiency ie3 motors have many new design features such as:

  • Longer motor length
  • Lower rotor and stator resistances
  • Minimized air gap for lesser magnetic resistance
  • Different enhancements in rotor design, cooling and bearings to minimize other losses
  • Enhanced silicone steel and lamination for great magnetization as well as lesser vortex currents

Why ie3 motors are a preferred choice for industrial application?

Basically, ie3 motor Singapore is a multipurpose electric motor and also become a most preferred option for industrial applications. As per the effective class system, these electric motors are specially manufactured. They also have a proven performance, reliability and high quality as well. These motors are asynchronous low voltage three phase squirrel cage motor. The entire ie3 motors are offered with blind caps in the entire supply connections and also as a standard one, which is prepared for drain holes and painted low gloss. The energy performance of this motor has a vast impact on the complete electricity consumed. Overall, this form of ie3 electric motors are widely used for wind, marine and industrial applications that include hydraulics, gears, pumps, shredders, fans and HVAC. Moreover, this ie3 motor is widely used and also report for a superior share in the industrial electricity consumption.