September 29, 2023

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Setting up a study area for you children

Whether they are students at school, college or even homeschooled one thing that a child needs to succeed at studying is a decent study area. This should be a sanctuary of knowledge and learning development where they can get the books and laptop out without having to worry about being distrubed every five minutes. If space is a bit tight then there may be little choice but to install it in their bedroom but if you can avoid that it is a good idea.  If you have an office space then perhaps it might be an idea to have a part devoted to them so that you can work alongside them and help.

One thing that you should ensure is that if they are, hopefully, going to be sat at a study desk for a long period of time they will need a decent chair to go with it. Next day delivery office desks can provide everything you need and you can find them at Bestbuyofficechairs  where they will offer you a very comprehensive range.

What other things does the child’s study area need? A bit of foliage (check for allergies first!) is a great idea as it is shown to provide focus plus you could get a plant that puts out extra oxygen. The main thing to aim for is as little clutter as possible. Think minimal as much as you can. Yes you will need to have reference books and a few pictures so great thinkers like Einstein and John Jaque Rousseau and Marie Curie might not go a miss either. They will need access to a decent power supply as so much homework is now conducted via computer and also studying requires access to the internet. Therefore check that where you set the office up is located near a strong wifi point or can be connected directly into the broadband. There is also an argument of having it placed in a “public-ish” place in the family home so that you can check that they are maintaining focus.

There is a very good point to putting in all this effort. It is statistically proven that children who have access to a study area of their own will perform better in all educational subjects. Having a base to study allows them to focus the mind. It gives them the organisation so that they can turn their mind away from other distractions and totally concentrate on the subjects that they are studying. In our modern age the need for a child to get the utmost out of their time at school is paramount for later success in life. Having a place to study will certainly make that more of a reality.