September 29, 2023

Grab and Gather

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Build Your Own Home Theater

The popcorn is ready, maybe a shake of salt and loads of melted butter would be great. Grab some ice-cold soft drinks and throw in your favorite chocolates for good measure. Now, down the hall to your very own private screening room.

Plunge into that luxurious leather recliner, turn the outside world off and turn on that 100-inch smart tv. Have a movie marathon either alone or with your family and friends, this is what life is all about.

Lay out your own home theater and create a fantasy world that is so unique and outstanding you would want to organize a binge-watching party every night. It just takes some bit of imagination, knowing the most appropriate materials and hard work and you will be popping that popcorn in no time.

Below are some basic tips on how to layout your home theater in a way that will give you a cinematic visual and sound quality.

  1. Where?

For starters, select a good location. Whether it be a spare bedroom or basement, there are some factors worth considering.

  • A rectangular room is ideal. The big screen and main speakers are best placed along a short wall to get the perfect sound projection. Some sort of harmonic distortion may be created in a square room.
  • Windows should be at a minimum. They can reflect sound which in turn causes audio distortion and admit light that can lessen the visual magnitude as they reflect on the viewing surface.
  • If windows can’t be done away with, use blackout-style window treatments.
  • The darker the wall paint color, the better
  • A regular drywall is a good enough surface to install. Concrete should be installed with studs and drywall to improve the room’s acoustics.
  • Sound absorption panels are acoustic wall panels specifically designed for home theaters. They aid in the modulation of high and low frequencies in order to prevent echoes.
  • Controlling the sound into and out of the room ensures a great over all watching experience while allowing other household members to do their work in peace and quiet.
  • To absorb ambient sounds a wall to wall carpet with a cush pad underneath is your best choice.
  1. The Sound
  • It is now easy to get hold of very high quality speakers due to the current highly advanced technology. The competition among manufacturers gives the consumer an advantage as it translates to good quality at low prices.
  • 1 surround sound which consists of 5 full-range speakers and 1 low range woofer is the usual home theater set-up. Place speakers at least 20 inches from the walls: 3 speakers and the woofer at the front of the room and 2 speakers on either side and a bit behind.
  1. Viewing through a high definition display screen is the most crucial part of your home theater set-up. Balance the size of your screen and your viewing angle which is ideally 30 to 40 degrees to see the whole screen with comfort. Always consider the optimum viewing angle even when you have multiple home theater seating. And, everyone knows that the correct viewing height is when the center of the display screen is at eye level.

After all your careful planning and hard work, you may not indulge in the Netflix series you have been aching to watch. Have fun!