December 4, 2023

Grab and Gather

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Cats have been domesticated and one of the most  popular pet animals in the world. Cats love to play, When you first get your cat into your home, you think it will be cute and it starts running and pouncing on your couch and your bed, after a few days it starts to damage your home furniture. By getting some cat furniture, you are giving your buddy his own place to run, jump, and play instead of your own furnishings.

Cat trees are the best play toy for your cat where it can jump, climb and explore from one floor to another. Your kitty feels like the king of the jungle when he’s climbing around it, which is just built for him/her. Kitten doesn’t feel to go outside when it experiences the joy of climbing and enjoying without getting struck .It is the best option to make your kitty active and happy.

Sharing becomes easy with the help of Cat trees.

When you are owning more than two cats it would be difficult to handle them. A multi shelter trees allows more than one cat to share a close space while maintaining the grouping order. Two cats or three kittens in your home who would not normally share window ledge in peace inorder to avoid this fight grab a CAT TREES. By this multi perch tree, your kittens can enjoy each other’s company, play together and sleep together.

It acts as a safety guard for timid cats.

It provides a level of comfort for your timid cats to stay relatively out in the open while a maintaining a sense of security. Your kitten may opt to stay in the room more often, rather than flee under a bed or behind your furniture

The Cats Personal Place: CAT TREES

 Cat trees can provide safety and security for your cat when she/he shares home with beloved children. Whenever your kitten feels threatened or it doesn’t want to interact, cats can escape to the top place of  trees.

Where to place the cat trees in your home?

Kittens enjoys to watch outside world, so place your cat trees near  your room window. If you want  your kitten to spend time with your family and children then place it in a corner of your room.

Cat trees with multiple levels climbing ladders, ramps, large lounging pedestals, toys, sisal posts, and large playhouses, these are the cat hotels offered by playtimeworkshop which is an excellent choice for all the cats of all the choices. Everything is handmade to provide stability to the products.