September 29, 2023

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Waste reduction: some ideas for companies

The costs of waste management in companies are mainly due to the volumes to be collected and treated. As the market has relatively stable and similar prices for all providers, the main lever for reducing these costs lies in reducing the waste itself. Fieldwork junk removal palm bay fl, which requires common sense and skill. Here are some examples of motivation.

In offices

Limit and optimize impressions:

Each tertiary employee consumes between 70 and 85 kg of paper per year! A good part is unnecessary prints or made at unsuitable quality levels. In addition, printers produce not an only paper waste but also empty cartridges/toner, staples, paper clips, and cups.

  • To reduce this waste:
  • Delete unnecessary prints by:
  • Installing print management/control software to identify the champions
  • Reduce the amount of paper:
  • By advocating the front/back;
  • Filling one of the printer trays with paper already printed on the front.

Optimizing supplies:

  • However, simple measures can significantly reduce this type of waste and raise employee awareness:
  • Reduce the number of references offered, and limit it to essentials for your activity.
  • Favor rechargeable equipment.
  • Centralize requests and purchases, to raise employee awareness, maintain a dashboard of consumption by the department.
  • Pool infrequently used supplies: paper cutter, laminator, etc.
  • Set up a self-service exchange bin for employees who wish to exchange unused or little-used supplies.
  • Repair instead of throwing away.
  • And why not set up an intranet site for “sales” or exchanges between services for the largest equipment?

At corporate events

Happenings, symposia, cocktails, or even company parties are the realm of disposables! Programs, gift gadgets, plastic dishes. Of course, tightening your belts during an event is out of the question. But to design  a responsible event. For example junk removal palm bay fl.

By banning straws, cutlery, and, more generally, plastic dishes.

.And why not by offering “doggy-bags” to the last parties and/or by organizing a large company picnic the next day.

At the company restaurant

The company restaurant, the canteen or the cafe ‘are high places of waste and production of waste in business: 450g. Per meal and per person. Or as much as the average weight of the contents of a meal tray in a company! [1] How is it possible? Mismanagement also takes place in the kitchen. Finally, all households that are temporarily exempt (in the case of the purchase of a new apartment or new construction) or who benefit from a reduction due to age and low income, must pay their tax. Household waste removal anyway. Similarly, an official who is housed in public housing exempt from property tax remains subject to the TEOM. > All about local taxes 2019! Source

To reduce the rating in the kitchen, some companies use two levers effectively: Reduce packaging by favoring large containers and bulk.