September 26, 2023

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Packing Tips When Moving In With Your Partner

Moving New Apartment

For a lot of couples, moving in together is the next phase of the relationship. But it is important to note that combining two households creates a lot of changes and issues.

There could be issues with the space itself, whether it is enough to handle all of your belongings. If you, your partner or both of you are used to living alone for so long, having a partner presents a lot of challenges as well.

The packing and moving process can be taxing on all parties concerned. This is why it is recommended that you and your significant other make plans ahead of time to ensure that you have one less issue to worry about. The following are a few tips to make moving into a new apartment or house less stressful for you and your partner:

Take inventory of your possessions

Whether you are moving into your partner’s home or an entirely new space together, it is crucial to take stock of both your belongings. Make a list of what you plan to take with you.

If you have been living alone for a while, you may have accumulated items over the years. Some of these items, you are no longer aware of. Going through your existing house gives you a better idea of the items that you own and how much space you will need in your new home.

Categorize your items

Keeping all of your belongings is not practical, regardless of the amount of space that you have in your new home. While doing your inventory, you will need to categorize your belongings. Some of the basic categories include: for packing, for donating, for selling and trash.

In some instances, you and your partner may need to discuss what to do with items together. This is especially true when it comes to more substantial items that you both own.

Moving New Apartment

Let’s say you each have a coffeemaker. Do you need to keep both or will one suffice? Does one have more features than the other or perhaps one holds greater significant value and should not be thrown away?

These are a few questions that you need to answer together. By having these discussions, you can streamline and reduce some of the excess clutter. Furthermore, the cost will be lower as your chosen professional packers will have fewer items to pack and move.

Learn to compromise

Knowing how to compromise is essential for any relationship to work. Whether you are moving into a new space or your partner is moving in with you, both of you need to compromise to make the other party feel at home. Compromise is critical when moving as well.

As two individuals with different backgrounds and personalities, both of you may already have developed your own tastes, preferences, and styles. When deciding to live together in one apartment or home, you will need to discuss if both sides are okay with the mix or if there is a style that you plan to follow.

Look at storage options

You or your partner may have items that won’t fit or suit the style of your new home. Perhaps they are too big, or maybe they’re only useful during specific occasions such as in the case of camping supplies. So what do you do with those items?

Consider putting your items in storage if you don’t have space for but you feel you might use them sometime in the future. Items you should consider putting into storage include bulky items like lawnmowers, seasonal items like Christmas decorations or photo albums.

Have a written agreement

Creating a contract or written agreement may seem too much and unnecessary, but it can prove useful down the road. It sets boundaries and provides terms that you both have initially agreed upon.

Relationships can be hard to maintain. You and your partner may also have several other responsibilities outside the home. By having a written agreement, you have a document that you can refer to that states what your responsibilities are and what is expected of you.

For instance, you may be thinking about renovating the apartment or house a year after moving in together. Your written agreement has distinctly specified that any significant changes to the home should be discussed together as a couple. With having the contract, both sides are aware that any major decisions should not be made willy-nilly.

Living together presents a wide array of challenges and issues. The moving process can be physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing for all parties involved. It can also place additional strains on your relationship.

Remember that both parties earn the right to feel at home, whether it is a small apartment or a large house. Through constant and clear communication with your significant partner, planning things together carefully, and following the tips stated on this guide, you can make the move less stressful. With the move out of the way, you can start living your life together as a couple.


Hafiz Zafar is the owner of Professional Movers. The company offers reliable, cost-effective and stress-free packing, storage and relocation services across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other parts of the UAE region.