September 29, 2023

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Most Famous Lawyer Who Knows How To Rightly Cross Examine

Most Famous Lawyer Who Knows How To Rightly Cross Examine

There was this famous casing going on, which involved the accused drug lord ‘Joaquin Guzman Loera’ who otherwise goes by the name ‘El Chapo’. The case was handled by a famous prosecutor who is known to have won several cases in his past experience. But in this case it took a lot of time until which the defense lawyer was not given the chance to speak. This made him furious as he cannot keep his quiet when there are a lot of false accusations going on. The said defense lawyer was even seen sick because he couldn’t get the chance to talk out the truth.

The Waiting Period

The said lawyer is usually seem to be lively and been called ‘a mouthpiece’ by several people. But in this case until the turn came he had no choice but to be quiet. Since the prosecution had their arguments going on for several days, there seemed to be no way out of this.

Jeffrey Lichtman Affair

The lawyer was fighting to bring down the sentences of the accused drug lords. In order to achieve this they even split the case among the team bringing in three people in total. But unfortunately none of these lawyers got a chance to open up the case. Once the opening statement was given by the popular attorney, it brought in a lot of attraction as the statement was seriously bold. There were several accusations on the highest level officials in the government. Also the lawyer mentioned that the accused drug lord is not so notorious and dangerous as everyone claims him to be. He was trying to bring in the other side of the story.

The End Result

When one is dealing with Jeffrey Lichtman Affair they can be sure that the end result is going to be favorable. With the bold statements sprung all around the court, the jury was impressed by the defense attorney’s speech. The lawyer urged the jury to look into the other side of the story. He asked the jury to consider the corruption involved in the high levels of the government. He said that this case might turn as an example as to how the government and the government officials are functioning. Hence to leave them free or to not consider the said bribery accusations will give a wrong impression to the public. With lot of strategic talks the lawyer finally achieved what we wanted to do. He made the jury convinced. It was not easy for him. But he always considers his client’s well being too. The case might have been tricky and hence the way it was approached also posed different challenges to the lawyer.