September 29, 2023

Grab and Gather

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Have you tried doing eye makeup at home? If so, did yourealize that it requires a myriad of things to complete the procedure? Eye makeup, mainly eyelash extension products undertake allay of accessories to complete the inserting process. The role of which, though minor, is very prominent. In, Stay lash displays the many eyes lash extension products that it specializes in where the customers have the privilege to go through the description of every product and get an in-depth idea of the same. The moment you do this, it will be easy for you to understand and pick the right product.

To get started:

Make sure that the entire area where you apply your lashes is clean and tidy. You should also keep all the essential things handy to make it convenient for you. Getting these basics right will help in finishing the procedure quick.

Undereye pads:

 This would be the first must and should tool of your tool list, the most necessary thing that is required to protect the under-eye area.  When you start applying, there are chances that the glue, remover, or primer might be spilled on the face. They fit any eye shape so aptly and prevent any accidental dropping off material.  A good quality one like the one from Stacy lash is enriched with ingredients like Aloe Vera to give you a moisturizing feel.


This magic tool is specialized in removing the oils present in the lashes and makes the lashes ready for the procedure.

Lash brushes:

The lash brushes, with their thin strings, help in separating each lash and support in even application of lashes and glue.  They correct the uneven lashes and allow extensions to stick at the right place. The shape of the lashes is also taken correctly with brushes.


Tweezers are used to hold extensions and set them at the required place. In their absence, the lashes may find an inappropriate site. There are two main types of Tweezers- lashing tweezers and isolating tweezers.

Eyelash extension tape:

Just like under eye pads, tapes are used to protect the lower lashes and under eye area. You can tape both the pads to avoid movement.


These stones specially meant to be an excellent base for resting your glue is an essential tool. To put the glue handy, pour it on the slat, and take the required quantity.

Adhesive ring:

This also acts just like Stone to keep the adhesive handy to avoid unnecessary fiddling and wastage of time.

Wonder how much it takes to apply eyelashes? Yes, It takes a lot of care and precaution. At the same time, it is not a tough task too.