May 28, 2023

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Know About AS400 Hosting

If you are looking for the Secure, reliable and Expert IBM I Cloud hosting solution i.e. AS400 hosting for your business-critical application, then you have come to the right page. The application system 400 or also called AS400 was invented at IBM Rochester, Minnesota called midrange system. You also know that business-critical applications must function continuously or smoothly for business to be successful. And that’s why AS400 hosting is here for these kinds of applications.

Now, Application system 4000 is very famous among businesses. On the internet, you will find many providers of this hosting system, but only a handful of providers are genuine or on which you can trust. And among all providers, you can entrust Source Data Products. They make secure and reliable Expert i Cloud Hosting for massive or business-critical applications. They are known as IBM I Experts and they are backed by world-class IBM I series. They have almost 20 years of experience in this field. Whenever it comes to IBM AS400, then don’t go further from the Source Data Products. With them, you have surety that you will get the best thing for your business applications.

Why AS/400?

  1. The IBM AS/400 was designed and invented to be bullet-proof, along with huge hardware redundancy. It is also very high-performing, along with CPUs. For applications such as SAP hosting that need very high performance, low downtime, it is best.
  2. The IBM iSeries is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, which includes AIX, SUSE, RedHat Enterprise Linux and many more. That’s also the reasons why AS400 hosting is still used in many businesses when it comes to business-critical application. Also, they are very inexpensive as compared to others.
  3. The AS/400 makes IT really easy, and it will let you focus on your organization operations. Thus, it truly simplified IT all operations.
  4. Another reason why AS/400 is because of cost-savings. There are no maintenance costs or hardware investments. You have to pay for the resources you need.
  5. Source Data Products are specializing in IBM I Series, as400 and provide support whenever you need. Their world-class data centers provide the highest security features that will definitely ensure that your system and also, data are protected always.

Also, with Source Data Products, there is no long term commitment and that is the best thing you must want it. They also offer a free 60-day trial so that you can surety.

Thus, if you want to optimize your business operations and want to increase scalability, as400 is the solution for you. AS/400 is also known with many other names, such as AS/400e, eServer iSeries, System i5, System I, and power systems. However, the most popular name is IBM I where “i” stands for Integrated. The IBM last version is 7.3. If you are thinking about AS400 hosting, then contact Source Data Products. You can visit their official site for more information about IBM iSeries.