September 26, 2023

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How to paint furniture with chalk paint?

How to paint furniture with chalk paint

Every home will have the age old furniture with the hold towards its memory. It will look old when the painting fades or torn over the surface. It is easy to get it ready with few renewal steps. The work can be done by you without expert guidance. It is easy to make the age old furniture to look gorgeous one with applied art over the furniture. Do you wonder how it is possible? It is with the chalk paint application. The application will create the distress and matte finish. The look can be achieved with the easy to do painting work. With the help of chalk paint, it is easy to redo or restore the old pieces of furniture into new trending one. To paint furniture, there are list of steps to follow. If you are new to painting and are not aware of how to paint furniture, then here are the steps. These steps will guide through the perfect chalk painting.


  • Choose a furniture or cabinet that needs to be painted. It can either be wooden or any other surface. You can even use it wall surface.
  • As there are various chalk pain brands, you should consider about choosing a better brand and color. The choice of color, brand and number of colors to mix is all your choice. If you want to create a unique color then you can mix any two colors to create a solid surface.
  • To paint, we need any of the equipment like brush, roller or spray. The choice is yours and your comfort. If you are comfortable with the brush, then you can choose it for painting. Along with brush, you need to get tape, rags and wax incase of buying a brand that does not include wax in it. For more detail regarding various other brand and color, have a look at
  • Choose a place to start painting. Since the paint is odorless, you can even keep the furniture inside the room to paint. But make sure to keep it in the well cleaned surface. This will prevent the dust and other particles from the painted surface.
  • Arrange the furniture to paint. Place the patches over the area where you do not want to paint. Patch up the holes with glue. This will give the smooth surface painting and hides the holes and dents.
  • Remove the hardware parts from the future to avoid getting it painted.
  • If you are not sure about painting well, then consider painting in a hidden surface to get the confidence. Chalk paints are the easy to use substance. This does not require any test and experience to make it out.
  • Start painting the surface with the brush and create a unique design. This will create a matte finish furniture with gorgeous look.