September 29, 2023

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How to make an efficient publicity banner?

The rules and codes of digital marketing have evolved over the past two decades, but the importance of the banner remains. In this piece of writing, discover all the basics to get a banner pro and successful! For your commerce to be able to be seen on the web, you have to boost your ROI (return on asset) and boost the visibility of your brand. The banners are a high-quality way to achieve this by  promoting your crop and services. However, before starting the creation of a banner, it is necessary at first to understand why it can increase the visibility of your website. Then, it is essential to know how to create an advertising banner in order to increase the conversion rate of your web pages.

Why create banner ads?

This is an online advertisement exhibition display site. Banner ads should prompt the user to click on the link to find out more. The goal is to generate more traffic, increase your sales and awareness of your website.

Banner ads are particularly relevant and encourage visitors to return to your site to make additional purchases or complete an abandoned order.

The realization of an advertising banner can be something relatively complex, one tends to think that a graphic designer will be essential for this step but we will help you to see more clearly there:

efficient publicity banner

How to make a banner ad?

All banner ads use three essential elements that you must include:

The logo of your brand 

The logo is a central element of your visual identity is of great importance. We must not neglect its implementation. The latter must, however, stay behind the message you want to send to the user. The logo will represent the image of your brand and your website.

The commercial message 

This message should highlight your offer or new product. This message should be clearly visible and take at least half of your banner. You can add offers such as “50% off”, “limited time offer”, “one month free” for example.

The call-to-action

This button is essential to encourage the user to click. The addition of a call-to-action button is an effective way to arouse the curiosity of the visitor. If you also offer a free service or can be tested, you will certainly want to click on it. For this, it is better to use terms like “Learn more”, “register” or “test for free”. Nothing prevents you from creating your own button.

Prefer a simple and effective design

You only have a very short time to attract the visitor’s eye and attention. You have to use different sizes, both for the title of the banner and for the message you want to pass on. Try not to exceed 4 lines of text and be as concise as possible.