September 26, 2023

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How to buy perfect Rattan Furniture for outdoors

How to buy perfect Rattan Furniture for outdoors

Australia is known for its wild nature and people here like rattan furniture for its natural beauty, organic and handcrafted look and feel which makes it all the more special, and above all it is apt for your outdoor furniture due to its durability with comfort and beauty.

 What makes rattan furniture australia even more special?

  • It is well known for its lightweight, durable furniture and something that doesn’t your pocket.
  • It is also beautifully merges in your garden and gives just the perfect organic feel of the whole experience.
  • Unlike wood, rattan furniture does not require oil, preservatives for keeping away from insects, paints or any other special treatment for staying strong and beautiful for many years.
  • You can clean it monthly to remove the dust or stains by simply spraying off the dust with a wet wipe cloth and it will stay longer and beautiful.

Do you know there are Natural and Synthetic Rattan furniture

  • Rattan is a material while wicker is a process of weaving, hence, the natural rattan wicker furniture is woven in rattan vine material. In Synthetic rattan furniture, they use synthetic rattan to weave the structure. In synthetic rattan furniture it is usually plastic or vinyl which is woven into wicker which imitates the resemblance of natural rattan furniture.
  • Natural rattan outdoor furniture is always lightweight and durable while the synthetic rattan furniture has more features.

There’s Plastic rattan outdoor furniture too which is made of plastic material and it is woven like natural rattan. Plastic rattan furniture is woven around a wood or a steel wire which provides it a structure frame but it doesn’t last for long.

rattan furniture australia

You will also see some synthetic PE rattan furnitures are woven with polyethene or PE. There’re several different varieties to synthetic rattan furniture australia such as polyurethane (PU), or polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC or variation of artificial polymer.

Checklist for your High Quality Rattan Furniture

Here are few things you should keep in mind before buying rattan furniture Australia

  • UV stabilized- If the purpose of buying rattan furniture is for your outdoors, then make sure that the furniture set is UV radiations resistant. If you buy plastic rattan furniture then it will break down under the sun.
  • Powder-coated frame- If you’re your furniture is of steel frame then it should be powder-coated to increase the strength of weather and rust resistance. Also, don’t forget to check the consequences in the rain.
  • Tight Weave- Before deciding check the tightness of the overall weaving of the wicker. A closely weaved material lasts for long and is a mark for its strength.
  • Spectrum of colour

A natural rattan furniture australia will have uniform color and shade on the entire furniture set.

So, hope this article will help check your rattan furniture before buying. This checklist will help you with a lot more information to check with the seller before you purchase just the right rattan furniture for your garden.