September 29, 2023

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Expert Plumbers Caution Against Using Drain Cleaners

You just can’t wait to finish with your chores so you can get your much-deserved rest after a long and tiring day at work. But the sink is just not cooperating.

Now you’re tempted to make a quick run to the local store and get a drain cleaner so you can deal with your blocked kitchen sink drain.

Why you shouldn’t use chemical cleaners

Nothing can be more energy-draining than a problem cropping up when you are just about ready to turn in for the night. And while drain cleaners may seem like a convenient solution at that moment, you may be unaware of the problems associated with using chemical solutions.

trusted emergency plumber lists the reasons why you should avoid using drain cleaners.


Drain cleaners are not precisely the instant solution that many homeowners are looking for. You just can’t pour it down a blocked drain, and then your problem will magically disappear.

If you look at the labels of these products, you will see a small list of reminders about using these chemicals. These include ensuring there is ample ventilation in the area and wearing protective clothing. Failure to follow these tips can lead to potential problems.

But apart from that, these chemicals pose serious risks to what’s important to you – your children and your pets. Keeping a container of drain cleaner in your home is a big responsibility that rests squarely on your shoulders.

Environmental harm

Drain cleaners contain a diverse array of ingredients which can pose harm to the environment when released through the groundwater system. One such ingredient is bleach.

When you pour drain cleaners down the drain, it goes down to the septic tank and eventually, it can get to the groundwater supply where it can pose harm.

Plus, if you get into the habit of using drain cleaners every time you are confronted with a blocked drain, you may be inadvertently creating a toxic chemical reaction, especially if you try different brands. The fumes produced by this chemical reaction can seep to various parts of the house.


Drain cleaners typically advertise themselves as a convenient and effective solution. But the truth is that such products cannot remedy all blocked drains. Sometimes, the root of the problem is mechanical in nature, and a chemical solution can only worsen your woes.

Worse, drain cleaners can cause damage to your plumbing system, especially the PVC pipes which can soften.

Preventing blocked drains

The better solution? Call in an expert to deal with the root cause of your blocked drain. Better yet, you should learn how to prevent the issue in the first place.

Put trash where it belongs

Whether it’s vegetable peels, coffee grounds, used oil, or any other thing that needs to be thrown, go directly to the trash bin. Throwing these away into the drains can cause a blockage.

Replace the drain covers

Take a trip to the local hardware store and do yourself a favor by buying either a drain gate or a screen. These are effective in keeping away hair, soap scum, and other materials from going down the drain and blocking it.

Use hot water

As you wash dishes and other cookware, the oil will collect in the drains over time. Left unchecked, this oil buildup can cause a blockage.

Make it a habit to run hot water through the sink to prevent this buildup. Better yet, get a handful of cooking soda and throw it directly to the drain before pouring hot water. Apart from helping clean the drain, baking soda can deodorize the drain and pipes.

Alternatively, you can pour vinegar down the drain and let it sit for about half an hour before pouring hot water. A cup of vinegar will do.

A job better left to the experts

Blocked drains can happen to any homeowner, often when you least expect it. Instead of reaching out for a drain cleaner, call in a professional plumber to solve your problem correctly the first time.




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