December 4, 2023

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Barilla Sauces- Just like home

The year 1877 saw a company being established as a small pasta and bread shop. It then turned out to be a pioneer in the making of the two food products. They repeatedly conducted research on the trends that were happening and started to produce more products to sustain in the market. Their production capacity increased with industrialization and they extended their product mix all together. The company further extended its business strategy and started its factory in the United States of America and Brazil to name a few. Responding to their huge success in the foreign market, they distributed their products to the rest of the world.

What is the speciality?

The Pesto sauces are specially made by barilla and they are considered to have the same traditional touch in this modern cooking world. These are basically made of tomatoes that are 100% pure and grown in Italy. The sauce brings original taste with a slight twist and gives a different flavor. It eventually fits better with pasta, pizza, sandwich, chicken and other dishes.

Barilla Sauces

What are the ingredients used?

The items used in the making of the sauce are purely Italian based. Apart from tomatoes, that are the most basic need, the other recipe includes Genovese basil, coarse salt, crushed garlic, olive oil, European pine nuts, and grated cheese like parmesan. The different recipe requires alternative elements to be added.

How many types of sauces are produced?

The pesto sauce can be made in many different manners, both with a traditional and modern touch. The classic Genovese is made up of creamy texture and mildflavors with the classic basil. It is best used for pasta, spread on pizza and sandwiches. The creamy ricotta & arugula has a creamy base without the use of any external cream and it is made up of Italian basil. Same with sun-dried tomatoes, that has the Mediterranean touch and it is created using capers and oregano and other non-GMO ingredients. With the rustic basil sauce, there is a fresh taste and aroma of just-from-garden.  These sauces go well with any shapes of pasta and it has the authentic Italian taste. All the Barilla pasta are made of fresh wheat that matches with the food safety standards.

This sincerity towards producing healthy and clean food has given barilla a new face which is known in many countries in the world. The importance that they give to society and their well-being is considered to be matchless with the other competitors.