December 4, 2023

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What a technical resume writer can do to your resume

What a technical resume writer can do to your resume

How important is your Resume?

Engage the services of a set of professionals to do up your resume, to make it stand out among the hundreds, nay thousands of resumes piled up before the recruiter. Your own grammar, presentation skills and formatting may be great but that placement of your dreams still eludes you. This happens because the tricks of the trade lay down a few parameters which your technical resume writer will guide you to include in your resume, like –

  • Making your resume more specific to your needs.
  • He incorporates the appropriate keywords in the resume to make it result-oriented.
  • The use of proper grammar is very important. Often recruiters get put off by improper usage of words and phrases.
  • Formatting and organizing the resume into groups like your academics, your professional qualifications, your personal data, your work-experience etc.
  • Balancing the content with the right mix of your software knowledge with your own personal details.
  • Regulating the size of your resume – recruiters get impatient if they are to read four or five pages of your bragging, when you have experience of barely 1 or 2 years. Your writer will moderate the size and content based on your profile.
  • The professional writer also customizes the resume to suit the position being applied for, and also gives you a few editable templates. You can make minor changes in the MS-Word file to make your resume specific to the position you are applying for, rather than stereo-type your application.
  • Importantly, your technical resume writer knows what the hirers are looking for, and composes your resume accordingly.

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Why writing services?

If you are very serious about landing yourself with that coveted placement, rest assured you stand a much better chance if your resume is done up as described.  The recruiters employ stringent techniques to get the manpower they want, without any compromise. On the other hand, the number of job-seekers only increases with time, particularly in the IT industry. Also, IT jobs are by far the most highly-paid ones, drawing in a large number of applications. Therefore, it is all the more necessary that an IT professional engages services of a technical resume writer and sets out to achieve his goals with a refined and appealing resume.

Services through a technical resume writer

  • Enrolment and selection of services like packages;
  • Upload your resume if you have one;
  • Share your personal and work details;
  • Resume and cover-letter drafting and finalization in consultation with a personalized resume writer;
  • Get CVs, Resumes and cover-letters written separately for different categories
    • At Fresher level, where the resume is prepared for those candidates newly out of college;
    • At the middle-level or Professional Level, the resume places emphasis on work-experience, professional achievements;
    • For the senior level, with stress on professional achievements, industry-specific skills and contribution to the organization.