September 29, 2023

Grab and Gather

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Today, there are thousands of websites around the world that offer you entertainment 24X7. It can get mind-boggling, no doubt. But, it can also be a thrilling experience. Imagine watching the movie of your choice, from a genre you decide and in a language you like. And, all of it for free. Doesn’t it all sound exciting?

The Internet has changed our lives today. You view a movie or a television series at home, in your own room, on your own screen—the computer screen—and in your own time. And, all of it without the constant interruption from the advertisements that was a given in the times of the Cable TV.

All of that, and much more, is available via the Internet in today’s world. And, the websites that offer such entertainment are huge in number. The ones that offer you such a vast array of movies and series for free aren’t limited, either.  But the ones that work efficiently at providing an experience to rememberare.

One such portal that offers you such a vast collection of movies on a platter is the  putlockers, putlockers new name 2018.  This is a new portal that brings to you movie viewing with a difference.

How is it different from the others, you ask? Well, at the other portals, one needs to login, enter the category one wishes to choose from and then enter the name of the movie, or hunt the movie down from amongst the thousands of movies on display. Unlike it, at putlockers, putlockers new name 2018 there is a different strategy they follow.

Once you log in, you reach their Home Page. And, it is at the Home Page that the magic happens. You enter the name of the movie or the series you wish to watch and click the Search Button. In a flash, you receive the poster of the movie or the television series of your choice on your screen. Then, all you do is click on the poster, relax in your chair and enjoy.

And, it is an uninterrupted viewing that you enjoy. The movies being HD, the sound and picture quality is similar to that of the theatre. So, it is akin to watching a movie in a theatre, but one that is your personal space. No more fighting for the remote, or choosing the movie depending upon who wishes to see it along with you.

Another important feature here is that if there is a particular movie you wish to watch but which isn’t available, then you just click on the ‘Request’ button and enter the name of the movie. Your request will be granted soon! Isn’t that quite special?

Not many movie portals can boast of such viewer-friendly features on their sites. This site has plans to make the portal more efficient in the future. One can only imagine what an amazing experience it will be!