September 26, 2023

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Types and difference between grants and scholarship

Types and difference between grants and scholarship

Being a single parent it is difficult to take care of daily households and education be it your own education or of your child. Earlier it used to be difficult however now there are few corporate and nonprofit bodies that do help such mothers who might have break their studies because of funds or not in condition to educate their kids well. Hence there are many educational grants for single mothers which she can avail and carry on with her studies. A single mother can apply for different grants or scholarships available apart from taking a loan for her studies. The best part in these scholarships is that you do not have to repay it to the authorities unlike loans.

There are several scholarships that many universities has introduces to lesser the burden of paying of their curriculum, single mother can opt any of such scholarship plan by qualifying the eligibility criteria of the same. These criteria’s may vary from regions or colleges. There are even some top grants that a single mother can apply for which, these grants can be used for their further education like pell grant and many more, these grants are also applicable and can be allotted to a mother only if she qualifies the criteria of getting them. However applying these grants is not that difficult but the information that you fill in the application has to be apt in order to get the grant.

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Now there are people get confused about grant and scholarship, they think that they are one or other same thing however there is a difference between both of them although both are the aid for education but grant is basically a need based award given by a government authority or a nonprofit organization where as scholarship is based or either merit based or need base. Scholarships are available even for non citizens a well. Where in grants are only applicable for the citizens of the country. There is a eligibility criteria applicable for both the aid in order to sponsor education to single mothers.

Normally people prefer going for grants for single mother because for sure the selection procedure for the same is quite easy and anyone who is a citizen can be selected as per their need based procedures. Not only education there are many more grants available in order to support single mother, because there may be a possibility that a single mother is educated but might need financial support to educate her child or may be to fulfill their daily needs, which she is not able to do with her daily work. Hence there is no way that single mother cannot lead her life or can bring up her child. There are grants for single mothers that can support her to face the world and can further educate herself.