September 29, 2023

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Schedule for an appointment in advance for the aircon repairs

Schedule for an appointment in advance for the aircon repairs

The customers can get reward points or earn miles by using the credit cards. After servicing your air conditioner, we will ensure that there will be no messes and spots on your air conditioner. The technical staff at our company will ensure to provide the best services for the customers. You can contact us if you are not happy with the services offered by our company. If you have any air conditioning repair at your home then you can schedule an appointment in advance. The customers are pleased with the aircon servicing offered by the friendly technicians. You will get an email and SMS remainder once if your appointment is confirmed by the company. If you are satisfied with the services offered by the company then you can submit the feedback on our website. The fan coils should be removed from the chemicals by using the clean water.

Types of heat exchangers:

You can contact us if you require any assistance with our aircon servicing. The hazardous nature of the alkaline and chemicals will take place during the chemical cleaning process. The loosened impurities from the coils may also be removed during the cleaning process. The oily deposits can be melted away by particularly formulating the inhibitors.

aircon servicing

The powerful cleaners are blended with the products along with the surface-active agents and the inhibitors. The other types of the heat exchangers can also be used to transfer the heat and dissolve the scale. The commercial or residential aircon systems can be used for performing the chemical cleaning.  You can prefer to perform the chemical cleaning on the fan coil as it is very cost effective. It is not possible to remove the fan coil if it is lightly contaminated. The impurities can never be moved on the coils with the help of the enzyme liquid application.

A complete unit of the overhaul:

An overhaul can be considered particularly for the heavily contaminated units. The damaging coil fins can be avoided with the low-pressure spray to remove the impurities. It may take about 60 minutes to perform the enzyme cleaning for only one fan coil unit. The enzyme solutions can be used in the chemical cleaning process instead of the chemicals. The enzyme cleaning is recommended over the chemical cleaning in order to unmount the complete unit of the overhaul. If you have booked a slot in real time then you can check whether the technician is available or not without any hassles. You will not require much time to schedule an appointment as it will take only 60 seconds. The major credit cards can be used to make the payment online in order to encourage the cashless transactions. There will be no hidden charges when you make the payment by using the credit cards.