September 26, 2023

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Huge savings by choosing Affinity payroll services

Huge savings by choosing Affinity payroll services

Payroll is all about managing the salary and other benefits that an employee gets. It includes basic salary and several other components that forms the part of the salary. Salary calculation is a tedious task, especially if you have several employees i.e. more than 10. If the salary and payroll process is automated it can help you a lot to manage insurance, provident fund, advance salary, and taxes management of employees. You can save the time involved in all these management and focus on other aspects of growing your business by using the payroll management services.

Affinity payroll service is an excellent payroll management services tool provided by it can help you save a lot of money that you will lose in trying to manage your payroll system all by yourself. Also it seems a lot professional for your employees and it can lead to a better employee satisfaction. Several customers who have adopted the payroll services by are able to manage their payroll service effectively using the cloud HRIS and saved around $25000 annually.


Highlights of the Affinity Payroll Service:

Affinity payroll system provides payroll software as well as it helps in management of payroll function outsourced to it. The council of also has a single-source HRIS system in order to manage the data of all the employees and provide a real-time view of the labour costs-to-budget.

The fully managed payroll service provided by affinity can reduce payroll processing cost by around $25000 annually.

The system also has seamless integration with the ERP system of Council i.e. Civica which makes it possible to keep all the information about the employee in a single place on real-time basis.

It is an excellent means to automate the payroll process and manage your timesheets in a clever manner. This saves a lot of time spent in correcting errors of inefficient manual form filling.

It can effectively manage all sort of award payments using the award interpreter module by calculating the award amount for each employee automatically.

The system has worked effectively for government organisations such as the city of tea tree gully which has a community of 100000 people. This is one of the most populous division of government in adelaide And it has around 450 employees to manage. With the affinity system they can manage their payroll and could reduce their labor bills to a great extent. The benefit of this system is that it provides both hr as well as payroll functions. Also it is quite easy to integrate the system with other third party erp and crm systems. Thus you can get access to real time data of your organisation from different systems all in a single window.