December 4, 2023

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French Translation Services at DHC Translations

French Translation Services at DHC Translations

French is an incredible language, which is only becoming increasingly popular by every passing day. The French speaking as well as the English speaking are diversely spread across the world, who is taking over the experience of being global. By any chance, if you are one among them or those who simply love the language and are looking for a source that will offer you certified translations from French to English, you have stumbled upon the right stone, and there is no need to dig any further. You have found us at website, where we employ expert translators in professional linguistics closing all doors for any kind of duplicity or compromise of authenticity. The documents you provide us for translation could be regarding business, personal, medical or any other kind of complex or simple documents. DHC Translations employs masters in French language with the knowledge of even cultural difference identification in the language, ensuring to translate the document provided by you as it is without altering any kind of meaning.

To access document translation via DHC Translations is very simple. All you need to do is visit, send the required documents that need to be translated and we revert back to you with in 30 minutes of your email. For simple document, the express service works on translating the received document and sending it with high quality and original translation in about one hour, while complex texts consume longer time. The time taken is completely dependent on the length and the complexity of the document. The cost options start at 20 euros as minimal fee for up to 400 French translation words, after which each word will be taxed @0.09 euros each. All the translated works are certified and while business documents such as a marriage certificate requires amount to be paid for French translation, others like driving license, ID proof etc., are freely certified at DHC.

French Translation Services

The oldest known text in French is the Strasbourg Oaths. The document also contained German language as a result of which, an alliance between Charles the Bald, and Louis the Germanic sprouted in 842. French is a romance language as has been titled by the world. The roots of this language are greatly influenced by the grammar, vocabulary and oral forms of Latin, later which the usage was transformed since the era of Roman Gaul. French today, is distinctively to an enormous extent, a reflection as well as a product of the royal administration in the country. This is because the French language is the regulator of the French Nation. So much important is their language to the French.

Having a justice board linked to the language with great significance, it is but, necessary that you only agree to authentic translations, which is where DHC Translations come to your rescue. Besides just handing over a French vernacular duplicate of your document, DHC also gives certifications to your text as regulated by law. The documents translated at DHC are original, and are recognized at the embassy, and by the government. Therefore, avail DHC Translation services for French and any other language in the 100 plus languages we offer to translate to you in and enjoy fast and hassle- free services!