September 29, 2023

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Divorce and How To Avoid Them

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Divorce proceedings almost always present a daunting challenge to anybody who is seeking to start a new chapter of their life without his/her spouse. The divorce-bound couple is susceptible to committing many mistakes during this phase that can defeat the very purpose of this crucial decision, i.e. to live a happy, peaceful and healthy life. In the following paras, I have listed the 7 Deadly Sins of Ohio Divorces  that often deal a blow to divorce-seekers.

  • Over-sharing or being fiercely vocal: Your need to vent your pent-up negative emotions and sharing your pain with others is understandable. However, when you overdo this communication, you are setting yourself up for trouble. Don’t forget that social media conversations, emails, details of financial documents, and other verbal forms of outbursts can be recorded or stored and ultimately be used against you. This can make your stand weaker and the procedure difficult and long-drawn.
  • Spying or stalking your spouse: While it is natural for you to want to be in the know of things your spouse is doing, you going overboard and using technological tools or hiring private investigators is strictly a no-no. Remember that there is a thin line between spying and seeking information of wherewithal.
  • Making children take sides: You inflict a lot of avoidable damage on your kids when you coerce them or force them into siding with one of the partners. Never let your mutual differences come in the way of your children’s mental, emotional, physical and social being. If you incite or instigate your kids so as to seek their bonding, approval or even custody, you are doing them a big disservice.
  • Giving money too much weightage: Money talks honey. But don’t let it be the whole and sole anchor for you in the divorce. Making unrealistic demands, using nasty tactics for monetary gains through divorce or simply giving it undue importance robs you of your peace of mind and creates problems in reaching the fair and equitable settlement in the dispute.
  • Aggression and negative vibes: Don’t let your pain make you a bitter, passive-aggressive or violent person. Nobody deserves to be traumatised with your negative vibes and harsh behaviour. Avoid physical or mental abuse at any cost. Be assertive and try to behave decently and politely with people, in particular your spouse.
  • Avoiding taking charge/ownership of the process: This may be understood as the deadly sin of ‘sloth’ in which you care two hoots about the divorce or its implications and simply live your life as if nothing has happened. By procrastinating, avoiding giving time and attention to the procedure, you majorly hurt your ability to move on and take things in your stride.
  • Masochistic actions or self-harm: Things may turn bad, depressing or ugly, but you should not go in to a shell or inflict any kind of harm on yourself. Never do self-bashing or blame yourself for the situation. Stay strong and positive and you would come out of it with renewed confidence and conviction.

In a nutshell, avoid these 7 Deadly Sins of Ohio Divorces because you are not the first and certainly not the last person on earth to have to undergo this bitter experience. Don’t be a victim of your circumstances and believe in your abilities to turn things around. Stay optimistic!