September 29, 2023

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Taking Clen the right way to burn fat really fast

Due to the importance of weight management, there are many people who are starting to take this magic pill and hence right time to take Clen is when you are looking to change your lifestyle for better.

Clenbuterol, also known Clen is a sympathomimetic drug used as a bronchodilator that was developed to treat breathing disorders like asthma. However, it was later found to have fat burning and body building properties. Since then it is widely used by bodybuilders and athletes apart from those who like to lose weight. Taking Clen the right way burns fat real fast!

Clen and its fat burning effect

Being a sympathomimetic drug, it affects the sympathetic nervous system in the central nervous system. Below are the points that contribute to its effectiveness:

  1. By stimulating beta 2 receptors in the brain, it helps to improve body’s metabolism, eliminates triglycerides which release fats into the bloodstream that can be used for the workout.
  2. It is also able to help you to control your diet by suppressing hunger and cutting on food cravings.
  3. Upon administration, it has a thermogenic effect which increases the temperature of the body by a certain amount and helps you lose 5% more calories. This means it is able to target the fat stored in difficult areas.
  4. It expands the muscle with which there is better nutrition supply to the muscles that help in muscle building.
  5. While helping in fat loss, one can also retain the lean muscle mass, which makes it the favorite among bodybuilders and athletes.

Burning fat real fast

From the above, it is clear that Clen helps in weight loss. However, there is the necessity for a calorie deficit diet and workout schedule to help you lose weight. The idea is simple. In order to lose weight, you should not be adding more calories and should be able to use the release of fat stored by Clen in the form of a workout. Hence, right time to take Clen is before you eat anything (preferably on empty stomach) in order to keep your calorie intake to the minimum. However, the best time is to take Clen 30 minutes before your workout schedule. Avoid taking it in the evening, in order to avoid insomnia.


The right dose for every individual is different. However, it is recommended to start at a low dose and slowly increase the dose so as to attain the dose tolerated by your body. The recommended dose for men is 40mcg while women can take 20mcg per day. The maximum dose for men is 120-140 mcg and for women it is 80-100mcg. However, one can see great results even at low doses apart from being safe from side effects. However, many titrate and increase the dose in order to get best results. This is because Clen is very easily tolerated by the body and hence you may not see the noticeable change after a certain point. Hence, the best way is to take it for 2 weeks and stop for 2 weeks.