December 4, 2023

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Raise the litigation against Abilify manufacturer

Psychotic patients are prescribed with antipsychotic drugs for recovery from issues such as Schizophrenia, mental disorders, dementia, insomnia, hallucinations, delusion and many other issues. One of the major drugs that are used for Schizophrenic treatment is Abilify. Most of the doctors and clinicians prescribe Abilify as major drug for treating Psychotic issues. It is a famous drug to treat the imbalance in the brain to cause proper functioning of mind. The mental illness of the person is treated with this drug to make the person completely free from Schizophrenic issues. Actually the worst case of this drug is that it leads the person to addiction.


The side effect of Abilify drug causes severe addictions such as sex, gambling and compulsive shopping. Usually the drugs used for treating mental disorders are targeted to treat the brain and its functions so that the patient will be able to get complete recovery. Abilify actually ceases the neuro transmitters for regulating the mechanism but it also under stimulates the central nervous system. This is the major issue of taking this drug that the patient gets affected in the central nervous system which results in addiction.

Illegal way

As a result of addiction the patient gets involved in gambling without having money. The patient bets without money, likewise the person also shops a lot without control and not knowing that it is not necessary to shop in huge number. Due to this, there are severe losses and relationship issues in the family. The patient and his or her family get affected in and out.  Knowing the seriousness of the repercussions caused by Abilify, lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturer as the manufacturer has masked the risk and dangers of taking Abilify. Though the manufacturer is penalized and huge compensations have been paid, the drug is still on the roll illegally as the company convinces the doctors by money, resort recreations and tours.

File the lawsuit

If you or your dear one is affected by Abilify then you have the rights to file a lawsuit against Abilify manufacturer and meds lawsuit will be a perfect choice. You can approach an attorney and get his assistance to apply a lawsuit. This is the only way to get compensation for all the sufferings that the patient and the family confront. Some people are completely ripped by taking this medicine. In such situations, the person’s family member will suffer a lot and if the victim is the breadwinner of the family then it will be miserable for the family members.

Med Law Groups will walk with you

Therefore they have to deal this issue legally and take severe action against the manufacturer. People should choose a law who has utmost experience in handling these kinds of cases. An experienced lawyer will know the right way to deal the case and get justice for the victims. Meds Law Groups will be ideal choice as experienced attorneys from the law firm will deal the care with required seriousness to seek justice and claim compensation for the client.