September 29, 2023

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LLC publication – how to go about it? Choosing the best package

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LLC publication is a mandatory thing as per the NYS state laws for any new business that is set up in New York. It is usually a publication of the business in newspaper for a period of 6 weeks followed by registering at the secretary of state. Though it is a hassle and costly process, all the new business irrespective of the number of members in the business, have to complete the publication and submit the documents to the secretary of state to come under the state compliance and avoid penalties. Getting an organizer and services like for the paper work and registration is always good to avoid any mistakes.

How to go about it?

As per the NYS Department of the state every new business that starts up in New York has to publish their business details. For this, they have to publish some basic details of their business like name of the LLC, address, contact details, county of LLC in which their office is located etc., which should be assigned by the country clerk in which the new LLC comes under, in 2 different newspapers for a period of 6 consecutive weeks. This is done within 120 days of filing their article of formation of organization with NYS Department of the state. One of these newspapers has to be weekly and one daily in the county where LLC is located.

Upon completion of publication which is after 6 weeks, the LLC must get the affidavits from the new paper and attach it with a certificate of publication and file it with the Department of State. This completes the procedure and LLC comes under the compliance of the statute. Remember that this publication cannot be in the form of an advertisement and should be according to the strict rules of the Statute.

This whole process if quite often an expensive process which should be fulfilled by any entity that is willing to do business in New York. The whole process is a hassle and expensive one taken in regard to what the newspaper agency would charge along, making the affidavit and an amount of $50 to the Department of State as they file for certification of publication.

Filing the formation of LLC also other rules that have to be followed and hence many businesses opt for services like can help in getting all types of paper work done. There are service packages available to suit your needs. Here’s the guide to help you choose the services:

Choosing the best package

With many specialty package service providers for publication of your new LLC, choosing one depends on your business requirements. While all businesses, small or big size, have to follow the same steps, the requirements may change depending on the affordability, if there is any individual in your business that has the knowledge and can take care of this and the kind of help required. Many package services help from searching a name to completing the filing, preparing the documents, taking care of state fess to be paid, and getting other certificates for your business. Most of these have a customer support also available to help you with the status.