December 4, 2023

Grab and Gather

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Know about the unparalleled and beautiful creativity of the handmade stuff-

India that is famous for its rich heritage is well known throughout the world for its culture being the oldest and the unique from others. From the time of Mohenjo-Daro, the Indian handicrafts are famous everywhere. The items so designed are the best that adds taste and style to every elegantly designed home. There is no other country in the whole world that is enriched with such high concentration of handicraft items and hard working craftsmen. From painting, wood sculpture, puppets, terracotta, even the handmade birthday gifts for girls can be used and easily shop from the best online handicraft stores.

The different types of handicrafts-

  • Pottery – The main and easiest form of handicraft items are the pottery items which are made from the pottery ware where several items like earthenware, stoneware and porcelain are prepared and used by the people at large. The art and craft performed on the pottery with various colors and embedded designs makes them look outstanding.
  • Tatting- It is another famous technique where a durable lace is created with the help of several different colors via knots and loops. The decorative pieces are made using tatting where these borders are used to give decorative effect to the different handicraft pieces.
  • Wood carvings or sculptures- There is a diverse classification of hand crafting in India in which wood carving is another famous and well-known technique. In this the wood pieces are given shapes and cut into various forms decorating them to make them useful for decorating the houses. The furniture, statues, pen stands, etc are made from wood which are available at different online stores at affordable prices.

  • Jewellery pieces- Another form of handicraft are the jewellery pieces like the terracotta, etc. These are available at different options like earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc made out of terracotta clay and given different colors. The acrylic colors are used for making them look more attractive and appealing. The handicraft jewellery online is the perfect gifting option expressing the feelings of love and care for your young ones.
  • Metal craftsThere are many statues and other idols of god and goddesses statue crafted out from white metal which has a silver look. These pieces can be kept on the table or used as a wall hanging for decorating the houses. The statues are crafted in a single piece of metal. The pieces are in light weight and have craving work which shows the labor of the local artisans.

Many of the online stores are trying to promote the handicraft items where people’s art in India is depicted nicely. Rock faces and caves, a village wall, a palm leaf, a piece of wood, all are given life by the new designs and handmade patterns. For adding colors, the infinite natural colors from our nature like flowers, leaves or stones suffices are taken. The crafts of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam, etc show the diverse pattern and art pieces with some difference so as make them look extremely beautiful. Decorating houses with such handicraft items make the abode a lively place to live in and cherish the days.