May 28, 2023

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Hire your own car for exploring Cairns

Cairns is a city in Queensland, Australia; it is not as big as other cities of Australia but it is one of the most popular tourist destination because of its tropical climate and also because of its access to the Great Barrier Reef. There are a lot of companies that provide facility of hire car cairns; bookings for which can be done well in advance. There are a lot of benefits of these car rental services in and around cairns.

  • No matter how large the groups are or how small it is one can easily find a car to rent. The rental companies have small cars, mid range cars, large sedans as well as mini buses and eight seater cars for carrying a large group of people.
  • These rental companies also offer cars according to the budget; so those who have limited budget can hire car according to that.
  • There is no limit on the kilometres travelled; these companies allow one to travel for as many kilometres as they want.
  • Then these companies are warm and friendly, they give personal services as well as personal time to the people.
  • The vehicles are also maintained regularly before giving it to somebody on rent; so there is no chance of you the blame coming on you.
  • These rented cars have road side assistance insurance and there is also a twenty-four hour helpline for assisting and helping the people.
  • These rented cars are inexpensive as compared to the public transport; they belong to established manufacturers and are easy to drive.

Hire car cairns is a great option as there are a lot of places in cairns that are far off and taking a public transport can prove to be expensive. Reasons for visiting cairns are:

  • Here one can get the best water rafting experience; the rafting place is at a two hour distance from cairns. It has experienced and certified coaches and they also provide a nice BBQ lunch during the rafting experience.
  • Jungle surfing is another highlight; it is best for those who are fond of adventures. There os the zipline through the rainforest and on can even hang upside down for a better view and pictures. No electricity is used in making this whole system only pulleys are used and one whole day is enough for this place.
  • Tjapukai aboriginal park is another place located nearby to cairns; here one can experience the tribal life and as well use the boomerangs and spears. Here there is also a dance theatre which gives a glimpse of the ceremonies and dances of the tribal people.
  • There is also a skyrail that gives the whole view of the tropical rainforests that are the oldest and the only ones left in the world.

There is quite a lot to do in cairns; there is scenic beauty and adventures that are nerve cracking the only thing is that one should hire a car to travel to all these places.