December 4, 2023

Grab and Gather

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Have lot of fun with your family in the most beautiful place

In this modern world, people are now visiting the white-sand beaches with excellent turquoise water in Rose Island. It is a private uninhabited island that is located 3 miles from the city of Nassau. That will take people to abroad with a full or half day of bucket lunch, drinks, hammock kayaking, lounging, snorkeling, and volley ball. The quick ride in the boat will be more luxurious in line in front of the ocean. This will make to hear all the stories of the famous or the popular celebrities. The excursion will make people be busier in enjoying all the activities that are offered in the package. People can enjoy the scenic beauty by the boat ride and by reaching the private beach. Moreover, they will offer a welcome drink for the guest upon the arrival. The lunch will be provided for the guest by offering baked rolls, barbeque chicken, hot dogs, green salad, rice and peas, salad in vegetable pasta. At the time of lunch service a complimentary like lemonade is offered. Each and everything will make them enjoy more till the end of their excursion. Sandy Toes are the best option for all the people to explore an excellent experience in this vacation.

Comfortable snorkeling gear

The guest is instructed to bring only a few things where the other things are provided by them like the food and other accommodation facilities. The guest has to take a camera, cash, sunscreen, swim suit, and towel. The Sandy Toes will provide the snorkeling gear which will available for all the people under any age. It is available in all the sizes and that make both children and adults to wear in a comfortable manner. The snorkel will help the guest to see as well as to experience all the varieties that are lived under the sea in blue crystal water. They even consider the safety of the guest by offering the additional life jackets. Even to obtain a private experience, they are providing services by VIP area. All these facilities are available at an affordable price and that makes people enjoy this holiday in the most beautiful beaches.

Explore and entertainment place

Even, these facilities will make people stay a night in the Bahamas. And food will be prepared only by intimating them a day before which will help them to cook in an elegant way. All these packages will be delivered for people at a reasonable price and that helps them to enjoy more with a lot of fun and entertainment. Events will be conducted by both individually as well as by group. That can be a small or large group but the activities for the entire family will make you spend the time in a pleasant manner. The instructor will guide the guest with all sorts of instruction and that offers secure as well as safe for all the people. Even, people can access their cash in the form of Visa or MasterCard. Search through the online site and gather all the essential details that are required to you in an easier way.