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Many cities are imbued with history, beaches, and stunning countryside, a stopover at Turkey guarantees mesmerised holiday. Distinct offerings such as the old remains of Ephesus to the lavish beach resorts along the Aegean Sea will awaken and enthral even the most tired tourist. Istanbul, which operated as the capital of Byzantine and Ottoman empires, features outstandingly in many travel plans of different people in the world, but there are many more far-flung destinations. Below is an overview of the major places to explore in Turkey.


mardin-turkey Erected and perched on a strategic hillcrest adjacent to the Mesopotamia plains in southeastern of Turkey. Mardin is among the oldest resident settlements in the region, and this city is well-pronounced for its cultural diversity and Old City with sandstone buildings that spill down the hill and the surrounding.


konya-turkeyKonya is one of the oldest and magnificent cities on the plane best articulated for splendid Seljuk architectural design and twirling Dervishes and Konya is a big city in Turkey’s Central Anatolia Region. This city prospered and expanded in the 12th and 13th centuries, under the rule of the Seljuk Dynasty as it was the capital city then. Many buildings built then remain and firmly ground and sustain their attractive architectural designs and layouts. Most establishments remain adorable up to date, among them are Aladdin Mosque and the Seljuk Place. These structures form great attraction centres with their appealing eye nature.


Antalya-turkeyThe Antalya, which is along the beautiful Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coastline, is a large, vibrant city hospitalising tourists and guests with abundant resorts, innings, bars and restaurants with all cosy related luxuries. Exceptional décor borders the city with exquisite beaches, and sumptuous green mountains speckled with prehistoric ruins. Antalya offers a pleasant welcome and ideal recreational activities ranging from swimming, fishing, sailing to mountain climbing, exploration and family fun, Antalya have all for everybody.


Marmaris-TurkeyTurkey’s most-prevalent seashore resort, Marmaris has an extraordinary setting of pine-attire Mountains, elegant sandy beaches, turquoise waters and pre- historical architectural designs. Marmaris is one of the great places to visit at the south-west of Turkey. This fascinating cruise port is a tourist ecstasy with remarkable sightseeing ventures, water sports, great feasting and vibrant nightlife.


Side-turkeySide is a major port in ancient Pamphylia, it was occupied by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC, and today Side is a gorgeous town of immemorial remnants and cosy furnished resorts shadowed by sandy white exuberant beaches. This port is located on a small peninsula; it offers the eccentric beach focus, dining and nightlife. Its outspoken charm is an excavated site of ancient Hellenistic and Roman remains that involve the remains of a gigantic amphitheatre and various temples.


bodrum-turkeyBodrum was the home to the Mausoleum; Today, its enthralling remains, lovely beaches and cliff-top resorts appeal tourists from all over the globe. Many visitors have the formed image of the place; Bodrum is an iconic figure in the history of the world; its fascinations are beyond man’s expectations; Bodrum is also known as St Peter Castle. It was erected from 1402 by the Knights Hospitaller but later was transformed into the museum.


ephesus-turkeyEphesus was among the largest cities in the world in the 1st century B.C, Ephesus city boasts hosting and in housing one of the ancient wonders of the world, the “Artemis”, the Roman empire respected and adored the city, as it was a tourist attraction site from before the Christ. The remnants of Ephesus are well conserved and enclosed within a large historical/archaeological site; this makes it one of Turkey’s most popular tourist centres. Its allures include the big auditorium, the Hadrian cabin and the classic Celsus book place, a story edifice that was constructed to keep more than 12,000 documentaries.


cappadocia-turkeySituated in Central Anatolia, Cappadocia is pre-eminently known for its exceptional and breath-taking landscape of extraordinary formations resembling chimneys, cones, mushrooms and pinnacles. Many natural occurrences and processes such as volcanic eruptions and erosion gave birth to these odd formations over the centuries. Decades and thousands of years ago, humanity added beautiful touches and improvements to the building through architectural work. The designs helped in intriguing many tourists to the area as it is a must see/visit place for anybody in Turkey.


IstanbulServed as the capital city for the past Roman empires and mostly the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, it remains the largest city in Turkey and holds much of prehistoric wealth and remains. Istanbul echoes many cities around the globe. Istanbul springs across a narrow canal that merges Asia and Europe; this makes one of the best places to interact with people from different races. Istanbul has Impressive architectural designs, several pre-historic sites, dining, shopping, nightlife and exotic ambience all that make Istanbul one of the great Places to Visit in Turkey. Istanbul carries 75% of the attraction sites in Turkey. It boasts many dreams come true for many tourists from Grand Bazaar entrance, near to the tram station of Beyazit. You can visit the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace; and Citadel Basilica. For great view places and sweet well-managed delicious foods, visit Istanbul and board a Bosporus Cruise from there to see the day off. Then take a City bus ride to see the outskirts of Istanbul.


Ankara-turkeyAnkara is the current capital city of modern Turkey; Ankara is a slumping, modern city that houses the government structures, administration, commercial businesses, universities and foreign embassies. Centrally placed by the countries landscape and the region of Anatolia, Ankara is an instant communication and transportation hub, which links people to other significant sites in Turkey. This city offers lively arts; talents and culture sceneries encamped by the considerable centralisation of museums and historic sites, among which the Anatolian Museum of Civilizations.

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Best online careers in the U.S.

The advancement of technology has affected all sectors and the employment sector has not been left out. Today, thousands of professionals in the U.S. have turned their careers into online based businesses. Here are some of the best online careers in the US:

Legal Aid

Given the demand for legal aid by many people, many professionals in this field are making good money by providing their services online. Many people prefer using online legal advisors because of the convenience; they can get a quick legal advice by a click of button. The legal practitioners charge their clients by the hour and can handle a number of clients at a given time. Online paralegal is one of those careers that you can avail. Like every daytime job, it takes some time to get certified and a little experience in the field is a must.

Medical Aid

The medicine profession is also another major online career in the US. It is now possible to get many medical professionals rendering their services online to various clients from across the US. Thanks to technology, gone are the days when one had to travel for many miles to access medical care. Through online services, a doctor can give a diagnosis and administer prescription.

Due to the high demand for online medical assistance, the career pays well and is the major reason why online medical aids are one of the top earning professionals in US.

Travel Booking

You are familiar with getting a voice at the end of the receiver asking how they can be of help to you when you engage the services of a travel agency. Chances are the person you are talking to is working from the comfort of their home. Online travel agencies are generating huge amounts of money because they are flexible and can be accessed at any time. Many people across the US are using online travel agencies because they are convenient; all they have to do is press a button on their computer and they get their services. Many professionals in the field are paid depending on the number of clients they serve but due to the accessibility ease, they have fun while making their money.

Technology has broken the distance barriers making it possible for people to access the services of different professionals online. This is good news to the many professionals who have now turned their careers into full time home based online business. Trained medical doctors in the U.S. are now providing there services as online medical aids, the online career takes away the long hours that they used to spend confined in a hospital and also gives them the chance to handle different clients at the same time. Many Americans prefer using the services of online legal aids because they find it easy to access the service online. All they have to do is press a key or two in the computer from the comfort of their homes. Another well paying online career is in travel booking. Online travel agencies have become very popular with many Americans because of their efficiency and ease of access. There are many more careers that are doing well online such as teaching, medical therapy, writing and transcribing.

Every time you turn on a radio or TV these days, you hear doom- and-gloom news about the US economy. As a businessperson, it's hard NOT to get discouraged. However, we need to do it if we want to keep our businesses thriving.

Even if you have been hard hit by recent events (and who hasn't, one way or another?), it is still important that you put forth a positive image to your customers. In fact, it is part of our job as business owners to make sure that our clients don't lose hope. If you are confident in your company, your customers will follow suit.

The first step to creating confidence in your clients is to be confident yourself and focus on the positive. Don't dwell on the problems you might have -- you can talk about your problems, but think of them as obstacles that have been overcome, rather than as disasters. For instance, don't say to your customers, "Slow sales have caused us to discontinue some of our items." Instead, say, "Recent events have given us the opportunity to reevaluate our product line and focus on the products that are the most important to you." Look at the opportunities that a situation provides, rather than the problems it causes.

You can also help reassure nervous customers by giving them concrete examples of success. For some reason, real-life examples are MUCH more reassuring than just giving hypothetical "here's what you COULD do" examples. That means that you should not skip on your real-life testimonials. Give your customers plenty of stories of people who love your product or who succeeded after joining your opportunity. If possible, give the customers a way of contacting one or two of your satisfied clients -- talking to a real "success story" will do an excellent job of calming shaky nerves.

A third way to create customer confidence is to simply "be there" for them. Here's a little story to illustrate my point: I used to be afraid to go into my grandparents' basement alone, but if I was with someone, I was fine. Having someone else with me reduced my nervousness.

You should try to be that person for your customers. By providing good customer service, keeping in touch with your clients, or providing community building services like newsletters or discussion boards, your customers will know that they are not alone in their purchase -- they have someone to turn to if they have concerns or questions. It is VERY reassuring.

Just remember that your customers are people -- which means that will get scared from time to time. What we have to do is remain calm and try our best to pass that feeling of peace along to our customers. If we can do that, then, in no time at all, we will all realize that the problems weren't nearly as bad as they seemed.